Worldlink Communications Ltd

Jawalakhel, Lalitpur, Nepal

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Company Description

WorldLink is the largest Internet and Network Service Provider in Nepal and one of the most prominent IT companies. Founded in September 1995 with the aim of providing Internet and IT services by its present Chairman and Managing Director Dileep Agrawal, WorldLink started off by providing store-and-forward e-mail services over a dial-up link to the Internet in the US. The continuous efforts to grow pushed the company to introduce full Internet access over a dedicated leased-line to the Internet backbone in the US through Teleglobe International. After two years of this service, WorldLink in 1997 till June 2008, connected to the Internet over a direct satellite uplink through its own VSAT terminal, thereby completely bypassing Nepal Telecommunications Corporation.

WorldLink has its state-of-the-art network built upon by the network equipment manufacturers like Nokia for DWDM, Juniper and Cisco for IP/MPLS Core and Aggregation, Extreme Network in Switching, Nokia and Huawei for the Access side. It operates one of the finest and the largest fiber backbone and access network across the country, serving 70 plus districts providing services like high speed Internet up to 100Mbps along with HD IPTV services.

Over the 25 years, WorldLink has become the most valuable brand in the IT industry of Nepal. The vision of the company to provide connectivity to all was joined by the CDC Group, UK's development finance institution. At present CDC owns 10% of the company’s total share. WorldLink has been expanding its services to the rural portions of Nepal and to the remote villages. WorldLink is working towards availing internet to the under-privileged people staying in the remote areas thus bridging the great divide between the connected and not connected.

WorldLink has become a success story, the likes of which are usually found in the Silicon Valley. It has strengthened its root in the overall IT sector in the small Himalayan country of Nepal. It has served its purpose of being a role model for the IT startups for a long time now. It is creating many employments in the market and helping in making the country’s economy stronger.  In recognition of WorldLink’s overall contribution, Nepal Government has invited WorldLink to be a part of IT taskforce such as National IT Infrastructure Development Committee and contribute to the development of IT in the country.

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