Job :
AWS Engineer

You will be responsible for the day-to-day running of a complex, zero downtime AWS environment serving hundreds of thousands of users. This will include assisting with our migration to a serverless environment, create new products, and working directly with the development team to deliver end-to-end offers. 

You should have previous knowledge of Virtual Private Networks, AWS (ECS, EC2, Route 53, VPC/Subnets, etc) and Docker. Along with that, delivery is managed through a multi-stage CI/CD pipeline which requires knowledge (or a preference to learn) Terraform. You will also be expected to be familiar with standard Linux administration, bash scripting and be able to write a systemd service description.

It would be useful if you had some experience with AWS Lambdas and JavaScript/TypeScript.

Your responsibilities will include

  • Design and implementation of multi-tenant cloud infrastructure and data services used by our consumer applications (web and mobile)
  • Creating Terraform scripts to automate the provisioning of AWS resources in a controlled manner
  • Communicating responsibilities and completing tasks between developers and technical operations to make ensure verifiability through automation 
  • Capture needs and advise developers on the best practices regarding automation, infrastructure provisioning, and security
  • Maintain the CI/CD pipeline to ensure the highest quality and fastest delivery
  • Working with standard Linux and networked environments

At least 2-5 years experience with the following technologies

  • AWS such as ECS, EC2, CloudFront, Route 53, VPC/Subnets, etc
  • Continuous Integration and Delivery with Pipelines (or Jenkins)
  • Virtualization via Docker and Amazon Web Services (AWS) such as EC2, ECS, and Lambda
  • Automated provisioning via Terraform or CloudFormation
  • Git workflows and multi-stage deployments
  • Linux environments and automation via bash scripting

Company Benefits:

  • A friendly, competitive and creative working environment with foreign managers
  • Competitive salary (Greater than the market for deserving candidates)
  • 5 working days in a week(10am-6:30 pm)
  • Powerful Laptops that you can also carry home 
  • Free Lunch from a top-class restaurant.
  • Accidental Insurance, Medical Insurance
  • Paid leave, sick leave, vacation leave, work from home facility available
  • Refreshment, Recreational, team building activities (Comparatively higher than other company)

Job Overview

Company Talent Connects
Category Software Development
Type Full Time
Minimum Education In Min. Bachelors Degree
Experience More than or equals to 2 years
Openings 1
Salary Rs 60,000 - 80,000 per month
Skills Virtual Private Networks, AWS (ECS, EC2, Route 53, VPC/Subnets)