DevOps Engineer

  • Salary:Negotiable
  • Experience:3
  • Type:Full Time
  • Job Level:Senior Level
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Job Overview

  • Industry:Information Technology
  • Category:DevOps
  • Minimum Education: Bachelor's degree in Computer Science
  • Skills:Good understanding of common security best practices, AWS security best practices
  • Openings1
  • Job LocationKathmandu
  • Posted on:May 20,2021
  • Apply Before:July 31,2021

Summary of the position: 

  • At Least 3 years of working experience with a broad portfolio in operating and deploying AWS services. 
  • Strong knowledge in container, cloud native and serverless technologies
  • Good knowledge on automation and configuration management tools like Terraform
  • Hands on experience with monitoring, logging and tracing tools like Datadog or Cloudwatch. 

Qualification & Experience : 

  • Must have a full-time Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or similar. 
  • At least 3-4 years of working experience in the related field 

Required Skills: 

  • Good understanding of at least one programming language like Python. 
  • Good understanding of different package/dependency managers like Gradle, Maven, NPM.
  • Robust portfolio and robust working of AWS along with the commonly used services like Queuing, Container Services, Load Balancing and Data Warehousing Possible Tradeoffs, use cases and cost analysis
  • Good understanding of configuring, monitoring and scaling infrastructure and the components.
  • Robust understanding of production application delivery pipelines, tools and technologies, and use cases. Tools include but not limited to Jenkins, Circle CI, AWS Code Build etc,
  • Good grasp in operating, deploying and maintaining a multi-region production system for In-house products and our customers.
  • Hands-on experience in container orchestrator like Kubernetes or any other similar tool 
  • Practical knowledge on vendor-neutral automation and configuration management tools like Terraform, Ansible.
  • Hands-on experience in setting up monitoring, logging, and tracing tools like Datadog, Sumo Logic, AWS Cloudwatch. Create dashboards and set alerts based on KPI and any critical production components. Should be able to come to concrete conclusion dn drive decisions based on monitoring.
  • Good understanding of common security best practices, AWS security best practices. Good understanding of implementing AWS security and governance tools like AWS Cloud Trail, AWS Guard Duty, AWS Shield and AWS Certificate Manager etc
  • Good understanding of different SQL and NoSQL databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB. Familiarity with query and performance tuning and profiling. Good understanding of deployment replica sets and use cases.
  • Familiarity with code quality and analysis tools like Sonarqube, Sonarlint, Sonar Scanner.

Roles and Responsibilities: 

  • Drive to a key conclusion for cloud and hybrid infrastructure for the various client and internal products based on monitoring, tracking, and traffic patterns, etc.
  • Execute and plan. secure and repeatable application delivery pipelines.(CI/CD)
  • Take ownership of the production system and involve and help key stakeholders in decision making. Create budget analysis, cost reduction plans.
  • Write modular, expandable, and pluggable code to deploy and automate infrastructure and corresponding services.
  • Learn and analyze the current process in product, identify flaws in current process, tools and suggest improvements. Research and implement security vulnerabilities, solutions to mitigate security vulnerabilities.
  • Develop plans to deploy containers, service mesh, container orchestration tools like Kubernetes in the cloud.
  • Plan, document, and implement production replica sets for SQL and NoSQL databases Conduct post mortems, find root causes, and solutions to mitigate them. 
  • Research, plan, suggest, and implement distributed services like microservices, design patterns, and architectures.