Machine Learning Engineer

at Fusemachines Kathmandu
  • Salary:Negotiable
  • Experience:4
  • Type:Full Time
  • Job Level:Senior Level
  • Views: 2,120 views

Job Overview

  • Industry:Information Technology
  • Category:Software Development
  • Minimum Education: Mentioned in eligible criteria
  • Skills:Experience with leading machine learning projects
  • Openings3
  • Job LocationKathmandu
  • Posted on:May 04,2022
  • Apply Before:September 04,2022

Qualification & Experience

  • Must have at least a bachelor's degree in Computer Science or similar
  • Minimum 4 years of relevant work experience
  • Experience with leading machine learning projects

Required Skills/Competencies

  • Proficient in Basic Machine Learning concepts: algorithms, evaluation procedures, etc, and dealing with Common failure modes
  • Proficient in at least two areas of application (CV, NLP, Recommendation System, Time Series Forecasting, etc.) 
  • Has a sound knowledge of mathematical concepts like Linear Algebra, Probability and Statistics, Calculus
  • Proficient in framework & libraries such as NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Scikit-learn, and at least one of TensorFlow or Pytorch. Proficient in Flask, FastAPI or Django, and some domain-specific tools (OpenCV, spacy, etc.)
  • Proficient in programming language and concepts such as Python + OOP + SOLID, Data Structures and Algorithms, RESTful APIs, and familiar with Architecture Design
  • Good Grasp of software tools and platforms such as git, conda, pip, jupyter, Docker, and at least one cloud platform like AWS/GCP
  • Good grasp of a database such as SQL/NoSQL
  • Has a good grasp of agile processes like Sprint and Kanban
  • Good Team Management, Communication, and Problem-Solving Skills

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop AI applications to adhere to designs that support business requirements for internal and external clients
  • Research and develop machine learning models and work on the whole ML pipeline: data collection, wrangling, pre-processing, model building, evaluation, and deployment
  • Perform data analysis to uncover insights that can be immediately actionable or can inform decisions around the ML process
  • Take initiative and ownership in writing requirement specifications and design documents for a variety of development tasks including feature development, database design, and system integrations
  • Preparation, drafting, and review of software documentation and project reports to meet internal and client requirements
  • Orchestrate deployment, monitoring, and maintenance of ML applications as per requirement
  • Lead one or more projects in different capacities (if required)
  • Guide other developers and help them (as required) to do their work and look for ways to improve overall team output
  • Contribute to sub-department, department, and organizational level Operational tasks
  • Take on Leadership roles (like Supervisorial) as required
  • Take on a consultative role in multiple projects if required
  • Improve the Engineering practices, processes, and output of the whole/ sub department

Equal Opportunity Employer: Race, Color, Religion, Sex, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, National Origin, Age, Genetic Information, Disability, Protected Veteran Status, or any other legally protected group status.