NodeJS Engineer (Mid/Senior)

at Fusemachines Kathmandu
  • Salary:Negotiable
  • Experience:2
  • Type:Full Time
  • Job Level:Mid Level
  • Views: 2,059 views

Job Overview

  • Industry:Information Technology
  • Category:Software Development
  • Minimum Education: Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related
  • Skills:Communication skills, Team player
  • Openings7
  • Job LocationKathmandu
  • Posted on:April 29,2022
  • Apply Before:September 04,2022

Competencies Required

  • Have 2-3 years of prior experience in roles that include front-end and back-end development
  • 2-3 years experience using MongoDB
  • 2-3 years experience using Node.js
  • Good knowledge of Node.js frameworks.
  • Fluent in Javascript, HTML, and CSS, web stacks, libraries, and frameworks.
  • Enjoy rapid development environments - we push code multiple times per day
  • Have advanced experience with SQL and NoSQL databases.
  • Good knowledge of user authentication and authorization and application security.
  • Proven ability to work with large volumes of data
  • Have worked in an environment where developers have written tests and shared ownership of code
  • Understanding Mobx, Redux, React hooks, Typescript is a plus
  • Knowledge of cloud platforms such as AWS, GCP and their services
  • Knowledge of CI/CD tools

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop, implement and test features that satisfy requirements of product, monitor and maintain existing products.
  • Work with backend team, UI/UX and design teams, frontend teams, and help integrate all the components as per requirements
  • Experience with creating RESTful API and GraphQL with Node.js and popular Node.js frameworks.
  • Communicate with clients to gather requirements and provide technical solutions
  • Help analyze task, procedure, and process with the best solution possible
  • Implementing automated testing platforms and unit tests
  • Deploying and monitoring application 
  • Provide proper guidance and supervision of subordinate engineers and their work.