Project Manager

at Intuji Lalitpur
  • Salary:Negotiable (Depending upon experience level)
  • Experience:3
  • Type:Full Time
  • Job Level:Senior Level
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Job Overview

  • Industry:Information Technology
  • Category:Project Management
  • Minimum Education: Mentioned in eligible criteria
  • Skills:Knowledge and experience of Agile development and Scrum methodologies
  • Openings1
  • Job LocationLalitpur
  • Posted on:June 10,2024
  • Apply Before:June 30,2024
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Your role will be to lead, monitor and manage projects, maintaining quality assurance, team mobilisation and coordinating with stakeholders in order to deliver the project successfully.

We want you to help us achieve success by:

  • Develop and/or review estimates and assumptions for the project’s schedule and effort using established guidelines and best practices.
  • Determine the project process, resource requirements, team roles and responsibilities, and schedule. Customize the project process depending on circumstances.
  • Develop and maintain Project plans which outline project status, individual tasks, milestones, completion estimates, and resource allocation.
  • Make a feasible plan such as producing a timetable, assigning tasks to team members, and developing checkpoints for progress to achieve the goals and objectives of the project and aligns with the organization’s overall business strategy.
  • Lead and manage multiple projects life cycle independently Responsible for establishing clear ownership of project tasks, ensuring every team member has the required tool & support needed, and providing timely feedback.
  • Monitor the progress of the project, overlook each action accordingly to serve as a link between stakeholders such as clients, team and supervisor.
  • Set clear expectations, provide needed autonomy to team members, timely track and monitor the progress and give recognition for results.
  • Determine the project process, resource requirements, team roles and responsibilities, and schedule.
  • Conduct post project evaluation and identifying successful and unsuccessful project elements. Manage the relationship with all the stakeholders to ensure satisfaction among them.
  • Ensure quality and satisfaction by making sure that the clients are satisfied with the results through constant communications and coordination, reporting progress and accepting feedback for future business opportunities.
  • Document all the paperwork by collecting and archiving them by the end of a project for communicating detailed information with the associated team.
  • Lead recruitment and onboarding of new project management teams by directing, explaining the roles of each member of the team and building a team consisting of individuals with different skills so that each member contributes effectively to the best of their abilities.
  • Encourage, motivate and coordinate all team members for synergetic results. Ensure good culture with the team. Responsible for soft skills development of team members.
  • Provide timely, accurate and unbiased feedback to team members and senior management on both improvement areas and remarkable achievements/contributions.

This Job may be right for you if you have:

  • At least 2 years of experience in IT industry
  • Proficient communication level in written and verbal English
  • Knowledge  and experience of Agile development and Scrum methodologies
  • Technical background with understanding 
  • Experience with project management softwares such as Teamwork, Jira, Clickup preferred
  • Excellent problem solving and analytical skills
  • Solid organizational and leadership skills
  • Good interpersonal and time management skills
  • Adherence to deadlines and the ability to deliver on commitments.
  • Have a strong command of written and spoken English (CEFR C1 Advanced –