Executive Search

We provide executive search to our clients

Human Resources Consulting

We provide HR consulting

HR Audit

HR audit

HRIS System

HRIS system stand for Human resource Information system

Performance Appraisal

Performance appraisal


HR Audit

HR Audit is a comprehensive and wide-ranging review of an organization’s HR policies, procedures, systems, documents in order to provide recommendations for operational improvement and ensure compliance with relevant employment law. It involves systematically looking into all parts of HR, usually in a checklist format. The goal of HR Audit is not to pinpoint responsibilities, but it is rather to identify areas of improvement

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Executive Search

Also known as headhunting, executive search is to find candidates for senior-level jobs. Potential candidates will be contacted directly and the approach is much more personal and in-depth than for lower level positions. The search is done on the basis of detailed understanding of what the employer wants, both in terms of skill and character.

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HR Consulting

Specialist advice and services provided by a third-party to assist businesses to maximize the efficiency of their HR operations and enforce appropriate new policies and procedures in the best way possible. They are responsible for assisting clients with tactically integrating effective HR processes, programs and practices in their daily operations. Companies often value HR Consulting since they are able to bring an outsider’s objective view.

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Job Advertise

Job advertisement is an announcement that informs people that a certain job position is available. It contains information not only about the job position, but also about the company and benefits it offers. It is done to inform potential job candidates about a new opening and attract them apply.

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About us

Talent Connects Pvt Limited was established in February 2019 with the vision to bridge the skilled employees with the right jobs. Our core value focuses on how we can provide better candidates to our clients. So, we have established in-house training and development units where we provide skill-based trainings required by the industry for fresh graduates or for working professionals. With this mission at heart, our company’s tagline is “Better Candidates | Better Business Growth”.
We want to become a HR company to SME’s who couldn’t afford to have a separate HR unit to manage their human resources efficiently. For those, we help them build their team, equip them with necessary HR policies of Nepal based on GON rules and regulation and help their business grow.

For corporate houses, we want to be their preferred service provider for hiring candidates, Succession Planning and Learning Management. We’ve equipped our self with technology that enables us to recruit candidates in bulk quantity as well. In talent connects, we do hire with deep dive candidate analysis technique. For any given role, applied candidates must go through Digital Pre-Hiring Assessment Test to qualify themselves for interview round. And yes, it’s all performed digitally. So, months long hiring process is brought down few business working hours.


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