How to create a Great Impression with your Recruiters

September 14,2021

A first encounter can leave an everlasting psychological perception, either positive or negative. With these fundamental tips, you can bring respectful and courteous behaviors to the forefront and grab positive attention from the recruitment team:

  1. Be on time (arrive early)
  • Punctuality tells the recruiters a lot about your personality, work ethic and that you value others' time.
  1. Practice proper grooming
  • Good grooming is an indication that you pay attention to detail and that you take care of yourself.
  1. Speak clearly
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm in the tone of your voice and articulate your ideas so people can understand you without filler words
  1. Make direct eye contact in all interactions
  • Maintaining eye contact is a great way to exhibit confidence. It illustrates your interest in the interview, trust, professionalism, and good manners.

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