About Us

Talent Connects was established in February 2019 with the vision to bridge the skilled employees with the right jobs. Our core value focuses on how we can provide better candidates to our clients. So, we have established in-house training and development units where we provide skill-based trainings required by the industry for fresh graduates or for working professionals. With this mission at heart, our company’s tagline is,
Better Candidates | Better Business Growth.

For corporate houses, we want to be their preferred service provider when comes to hiring talents. We’ve equipped our self with technology that enables us to recruit talents from around the globe. In Talent Connects, we do hire with deep dive candidate analysis technique. For any given role, applied candidates must go through Digital Pre-Hiring Assessment to qualify themselves for interview round. And yes, it’s all performed digitally. So, months long hiring process has brought down to few business working hours.

We want to become a HR company to help SMEs who works with limited resources to manage their human resources. For them we provide our expert consultation via HR Consulting to equip them with necessary HR policies and help their business grow.

Why choose us ?

Hiring talents for a job can be a long and tedious process. Businesses can consider consulting recruitment agency like Talent Connects to ease their hiring process. Some of the reasons to consult Talent Connects for hiring purposes are:
1. Expertise

Talent Connects has a high level of expertise in selecting suitable candidates due to its extensive research of applicants and its hiring technology. We even look into criminal backgrounds of candidates, verify qualifications for businesses.

2. Advertisement

Businesses can give their requirements to Talent Connects directly, instead of advertising it in newspaper or online. We will specifically target candidate bases and also help companies cut on advertising costs.

3. Networking

Talent Connects has a larger pool of candidates and database. This network can help businesses to find candidates accordingly to their specific requirements

What we offer

The most advanced Smart Recruitment System in the country.
  • Executive Search

    Talent Connects emphasize on quality hiring’s and assist employers to recruit hard to fill positions with its extensive pool of Talents.

  • Candidate Sourcing

    Are you worried about your regular (technical and non-technical) hiring requirements? Let experts handle your niche hiring requirements while you focus on your core business.

  • HR Consulting

    No HR problem is too big or too small! We’re here to help startups, SME’s and corporate houses from drafting their HR policies to building a Company Culture.

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing

    We provide customized recruitment solution where employers (Banks/Insurance/BPO/NGO/ Government) can outsourcing their hiring recruitments to specialized agency like Talent Connects.

  • Smart Recruitment Software

    Our Smart Recruitment Software enables employers to advertise their openings in our platform and empower hiring managers to perform assessment-based hiring.

  • Customised Trainings

    Research says that trained employees are 78% more productive and result oriented. We can tailor made your training requirements and help your business GROW.

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