How to create a Great Impression with your Recruiters

2 months ago 637 views
Four useful tips

Recruitment strategies for attracting top talents

3 months ago 673 views
The best recruitment strategies for attracting top talents

Career in Digital Marketing Agencies in Nepal

10 months ago 1,210 views
Digital Marketing allows any brand or company to connect with their audience and customers via an online platform. However, a medium, Digital Marketing Agency, or Digital Marketer is mandatory for this connection.

Talent Recruit

1 year ago 2,445 views
A New Smart Recruitment Platform

Video Job Interview Tips

1 year ago 2,594 views
Video job interviews are an increasingly common part of the hiring process

Lead with Care, Not Fear

1 year ago 2,389 views
The Key to Being a Better Leader

Managing Organizational Communication

1 year ago 1,640 views
Scope —The subject of managing organizational communication encompasses formal and informal communication throughout an organization, including communication to employees, with employees and from employees to upper management.

Employee Retention

1 year ago 1,220 views
Don’t Push Your Loyal Employees to the Point Where They Don’t Care

Importance of HR Audit in context of Nepal

1 year ago 1,480 views
HR Audit benefits not only in the administrative and operational level but also in the strategic level.

Ace Career Placement Program

1 month ago 241 views
Strategic partnership with Ace for Career placement program