Upaya City Cargo

Babarmahal, Nepal

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Company Description

Upaya City Cargo is an online marketplace for intra-city logistics that connects individuals and businesses with our pickup driver partners and integrates technology to ensure quick and hassle-free delivery of bulk goods within Kathmandu Valley. We add value to your delivery needs by providing our service at the lowest prices as compared to existing market rates, quickest delivery given our large network of drivers-partners, and in the most convenient ways by offering mobile/tracking technology and VAT bill.

Our extensive market research and survey showed that this market was previously operating in a greatly inefficient manner. Clients complained about problems in availability of vehicles, poor behavior of the drivers, bargaining hassle, delayed deliveries, security issues, and lack of proper billing for their delivery expenses. Similarly, the drivers complained about not getting enough trips to cover their fixed costs like EMI, poor treatment from clients, and difficulty in promoting their individual service. So we set out to solve these market inefficiencies using technology and creating an online platform. We believe Nepal will see a digital revolution in 2021-22 (its inevitable) – similar to that experienced by India in 2012-13 and United States in 2001-02 - and as logistics is a backbone of this ecosystem, we began this journey of building a digitally integrated logistics service that could fulfill logistics requirements of ecommerce platforms, corporates, SMEs, retail, and individuals.

Our management team consists of group of professionals - each of whom have almost two decades of experience in sectors ranging from banking, management, telecommunication, technology, consulting/advisory, finance, research etc. The management team guides a young and enthusiastic Operation team led by aspiring entrepreneurs who want to set a mark for themselves in Nepal’s startup ecosystem. This blend of experienced management team guiding a young operations team has proven really beneficial & successful model, which is evident through Upaya City Cargo’s performance in this short span of time.

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